Communication, Echolocation

Communicating with one another is very important for dolphins. They are extremely social animals and delphitine are the same. Like a dolphin, delphitine in their dolphin forms communicate via clicks, whistles, squeaks and other noises. A bottlenose dolphin identifies itself with a signature whistle. The signature whistle is so distinct that scientists can identify individual dolphins by looking at their whistle shapes on a sonogram.Image They use these unique whistles to communicate, identity, location and, potentially, emotional state. Dolphins have been observed using signature whistles to cooperate with one another, address other individuals, facilitate mother-calf reunions and, possibly, to broadcast affiliation with other individuals.
More unique in delphitine is the ability to communicate with both eachother and humans telepathically. There are tales of sailors who say they hear voices in their head telling them to turn back or bad things will happen, this may be an example of delphitine communicating with humans and telling us to keep our distance. In human form, delphitine can still communicate telepathically however it isn't as strong and can only be done so many times within a period of time.

The term echolocation refers to an ability that odontocetes (and some other marine mammals and most bats) possess that enables them to locate and discriminate objects by projecting high-frequency sound waves and listening for echoes as the sound waves reflect off objects. Odontocetes echolocate by producing clicking sounds and then receiving and interpreting the resulting echo. By this complex system of echolocation, dolphins can determine size, shape, speed, distance, direction, and even some of the internal structure of objects in the water. They use the power of Pod Mind to communicate if needs be. This is a method of communication in which the information is shared openly with everyone in the pod, simultaneously. There are no secrets, no hidden agendas, no opposing opinions in these transmissions. What is known by one, is known by all. Everyone in the community has the good of the entire group in mind. In transmissions from them they refer to themselves as "We." However, they also maintain their Individuality. They can merge with group mind without "losing themselves in another person." or they can be separate entities. They are autonomous. Image Bottlenose dolphins are able to learn and later recognize the echo signatures returned by preferred prey species.

As humans, they know all languages both new and ancient and will communicate in whatever language needs be.

Powers and Abilities

Most obvious is the fact they have the power to shape shift into 3 different forms. It is unknown if they can shapeshift/transform into anything else. Their 3 forms are a standard dolphin, enlightened dolphin and human. Their dolphin form is most commonly reminiscent of a bottlenose dolphin, however select delphitine are chosen to take form of different cetaceans in the pod structure for different reasons. They may have an 'in between' form, possibly caused if they are interrupted in transformation, resulting in an anthropomorphic dolphin, though we cannot be sure. They can shapeshift on command with ease. Already mentioned is the power of telepathy, being able to communicate through the mind. Delphitine also possess the power to sense what is happening in that moment of time in any place it wishes, like a vision or live broadcast in its mind. In their human forms, Imagethis power is weakened much like their telepathy powers, they can still do this however it is much more 'blurrier' to them and they can only make out smaller details. Delphitine also have the power of seeing into the future, like a prophecy, they can predict it. They can't see everything that is going to happen and more of a rough idea of what could happen. In a human form this power is completely lost. They have the ability of hydroportation, being able to teleport distances through bodies of water, however this is used sparingly.Image They teleport to get away from predators or to hide from humans, other than that they don't have much of a need for it. They can only teleport a certain number of times in a day. As humans they cannot teleport a all on land, obviously but in water they can teleport short distances if needs be, only a few metres or so.

Water generation is another power they have, though this has nothing to do with the elemental masters of water. They can generate water out of thin air as long as they are hydrated, generating water to them is like emptying a water bottle. This power comes in most helpful in their human form. They also have the power of water purification, they can purify water at the touch of their hand or beak. This is usually done out of kindness to other beings. People say if you have water purified by a delphitine you will get good luck and great health. Delphitine have great healing abilities, they have pod members specialised in medicine and healing others. Delphitine part of the matriarchal line have the power of healing, though over the years of their existence the power became weaker and more costly. To heal another being it drains the delphitine physically, though after rest they recover. Not much else is known about their healing abilities as they don't use it too much. The ability to see and 'feel' the emotions and have flashes of memories of someone they touch. This is something they choose to do and not something that happens everytime they touch someone. They don't have to touch someone in order to see their inner emotions however and it is something they can sense naturally if they wish to do so. They tend to avoid this less around humans however because they want to respect their privacy. One of the more 'natural' abilities is cold resistence, something that comes natural to them in their dolphin forms, however they often prefer warmth over cold. As humans they also have this cold resistence, which can come in handy in certain situations. They can be covered in snow or even trapped in ice and still remain alive.

Delphitine don't really need to breathe. They can if they wish to but if without any air to breathe they are fine, however this only lasts for so long as they do need oxygen at some point. Delphitine can 'hold their breath' for over 10 days and must breathe or surface for air before those 10 days or they will begin to suffocate and die. These are the most common abilities and powers, specifically that all members of the species share, though there are individuals who can possess certain abilities that others do not have, though this is rare. Image

Pod life, culture and society

The structure of the pod is very important to delphitine as they are extremely social and the sense of community and support is vital. With only one pod of delphitine existing, their pod consists of over 1000 individuals, yet they all know eachother personally. The pod is run by a single matriarch, a large female who rules the pod. She will mate only with a male who proves his worth through an event where mature males of the pod can go against eachother and fight. Winner is the sire of the matriarchs calf. The leader is always female meaning if the first calf born to the matriarch is male they will not become the future leader of the pod and are just the same as other male dolphins once he reaches maturity. He is not allowed to enter the fights to sire the leaders calf because inbreeding is outlawed in their culture. Some delphitine can and do end up forming same sex relationships however they must have a calf through whatever method they wish (Except stealing another dolphins calf). There are groups and roles structured within the pod. These roles include but are not limited to: Healers, Guards, Hunters, Look-outs, Builders, Travellers and more. They all have their own unique places in the pod and work together to keep it running. Travellers will leave the pod for 6 months exploring both sea and land for a range of different reasons and then come back and stay for 6 months. The pod is all extremely friendly to one another, however there are laws and if they are broken then the matriarch depending on the crime will either give them a strong warning, Imagestrip the criminal of their powers, turning them into a regular dolphin and banishing them or just killing them. Some of these rules include: Do not steal from others, Keep away from bad humans, Do not kill for sport, Do not kill another delphitine, Do not betray the pod, Treat everyone equal.

They are not controlled by the matriarch or led by fear, instead everyone is treated equally and respectfully by one another. Everyone is supportive and friendly. The pod works together and runs together, only choosing to be lead by a matriarch due to the long history of their species which originated from 1 delphitine with many powers and much strength and that 'royal' bloodline has been kept going ever since, though without inbreeding, which is illegal.

The bond between mother and calf is very important and young delphitine are treated with extreme care and love. Often many females will help out with calves, even ones that aren't there, forming medium sized groups exclusively made up of females dedicated to caring for the calves because it is a shared responsibility, however despite this nothing will break the bond that a mother and calf has together. There is still not else much known about the lifestyle of Delphitine.