Delphitine in their dolphin forms are just like regular dolphins, energetic, social and playful. Play and enriching themselves is important for their mental health and physical health, it often being a good form of working out. Their behavioural tendencies are basically identical to that of a dolphins besides them being much much more aware. They have a range of different behaviours for different situations and species, they are very docile to most humans if they sense them to be friendly yet very aggressive to sharks. Delphitine interact with eachother in a range of ways, whether it's playing games, hunting or just enjoying eachothers company. One way they express themselves is by jumping and splashing Imageat the waters surface, this is usually seen in younger delphitine and they do so while under the watch of an older female or two. They can jump over 8 metres out of the water. Most dolphins play chasing one another, using objects and passing them on to others for attention. They commonly make bubbles in the water and take the time to recreate themselves in the ocean. Other games are only fun for them; they have been seen catching birds and submerging them several meters down, without eating them later. Delphitine also have their own 'drugs', harrassing and releasing toxins from toxic fish like puffers and getting a high from them. They are also sexual by nature and use that kind of behaviour to bond and get to know one another, even if there is no romantic interest. As humans their behaviour is just like any other humanImage, though can be a bit odd if they still haven't grasped how to get it right.


The delphitine, the ancient race/species. No one knows where they actually originated from, some say they were regular dolphins blessed and transformed by the first spinjitzu master. They lived in coastal villages with the whole pod. Of course humans stumbled upon them, assuming they were just other people. Luckily for them, delphitine were very welcoming and friendly, even to complete strangers. Most likely due to the fact they can tell if someone has good intentions or not The Delphitine leader welcomed them and told them who and what they were and that they didn't mean any harm. Over the years allyship was formed with the delphitine and humans. The humans' main supply of fish came from the delphitine who hunted in large groups and traded fish for other useful resources.They lived in peace with people for over 50 years. They all worked together in protecting and helpin one another. Some delphitine were even instructed to move into human villages to teach them things and help them, such as teaching them how to fish effectively. Then came the serpentine war, the delphitine knew of the serpentine but didn't pay them any mind until the matriarch got a vision of her pod being slaughtered byImage them which is when she decided it was time for the delphitine to pack up and disappear into the ocean. The serpentine wanted to kill off the entire species as they knew humans would run to the delphitine for help. They were too late in preparing to leave and the serpetine murdered hundreds upon hundreds of the delphitine resulting in the survivors rushing to the ocean, taking their dolphin forms and disappearing off of the map, leading humans at the time to now believe the delphitine are extinct.

Delphitine in the modern world

Despite delphitine being considered extinct many years ago, some still believe these mystical beings to still exist, still in hiding in the depths of the unexplored ocean. Some people exploring and sailing have reported seeing odd dolphin behaviour and also humans swimming in the middle of nowhere then disappearing. Very few sailors have ever remembered seeing enlightened delphitines as if spotted, some have the ability to erase the memories (Only by about 10 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the strength of the delphitine) of those who end up seeing them. There have been reports of hyper intelligent dolphins in aquaria and zoos due to some capturing wild dolphins for display. A small zoo in a small city/town south of Ninjago City had caught what they said was a bottlenose dolphin for their park. Trainers reported odd behaviour within the first week of the dolphins time there. They said the dolphin had extremely large bursts of energy and would do multiple laps around the pool much faster than a regular dolphin, would often stare for prolonged periods of time, trainers said they would often forget what they were doing and more incidents which the zoo has decided to keep private, rumors say a trainer was injured but we can't know for sure. After about 2 weeks of the dolphin being there it suddenly disappeared, with no indication of escape, break in or it being killed. Some believe this incident to be proof of Delphitine being alive, though this happened 10 years ago. Delphitine are also seen in media but are often portrayed much different than what we know them to be like, in TV and film we often see Delphitine presented as primarily female Imagecreatures who are highly sexual and prey on men, tricking them to fall in love with them before dragging them into the ocean and killing them, sort of like a siren crossed with a kelpie. Due to this they've gained a rather negative reputation from the general public, assuming them to be devious murderers, not that many believe them to exist anyways. Despite them making many appearences in modern day media, the idea given off on these creatures are heavily innacurate and completely false. To the average viewer, the delphitine is nothing more but a mythical creature they saw in a movie.

Other information

There is a lot more to delphitine and we may not know everything there is to know. Delphitine have links to certain species of dragons, specifically dragons that possess water related abilities or psychic abilities, much like them. Delphitine are considered to be extraterrestrials to certain theorists, believing they came from a planet unknown and simply settled down on Earth, they believe this may explain the hyper intelligence and wide range of abilities these dolphins have. Another theory is that they were humans that became so connected to the ocean they gained the power to transform into dolphins and transform back when they wish. ImageThere are many other theories about these creatures with some of the less popular and more unlikely being: They are witches, they are a government distraction, they are the creators of this planet and they are angels. Zoos and Aquaria since the incident listed earlier have now been given extreme restrictions on taking dolphins into captivity and they are only allowed to rescue if the dolphin is considered unfit to return to the wild. This is because while some don't believe these creatures to even exist, they feel in case they did they want to avoid interfering with them. About 5 years ago explorers found what they believe to be the old village of the delphitine. It has been completely sectioned off and public access is forbidden, meaning not too much is known about the site. Some ancient artifacts proving of the delphitines existence are on display in museum, these include old fish nets, statues of 3 eyed dolphins and other bizarre sculptures, carvings and tools. Many people have come out about being delphitine to the media however everyone has shrugged them off as liars, which they probably are as they often bring up things which don't make sense. Though, we may never know for sure and there may really be delphitine living with humans that just stay quiet about it, trying to live regular human lives. Theorists say someone you know is more likely to be a delphitine if they: Often smell of fish, live by the beach or nearby, spend a lot of time swimming, often don't care about the cold. However this could easily be shrugged off because this can apply to many people who are definetly not delphitine.

The diet of the delphitine consists of fish, squid, crustaceans and small sharks. They are brilliant hunters who work together to bring their prey down. Some fishermen say that dolphins have been stealing their catches, breaking into nets and taking all their fish.

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